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Feathers at the reception

The reception featured 4 different centerpieces–each designed for a specific area–when you hire a professional florist, they should be familiar with your venue to help make the perfect selections. The above centerpieces were low with the explosion of peacock feathers placed on the double runners to match the color scheme.

Another selection was the submerged cymbidium orchids-all the flowers were either green or white–the feathers provided the inspiration and the turquoise/teal:) was displayed in the fabrics.

The cake sat on a ring of peacock feather eyes while the top featured a small cluster of green flowers.
Thanks to Danny at Danielcphotography for the images.
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Peacock feathers 2.0

I loved the color of these bridesmaids dresses ( okay, I’ll admit, this is the same color that my attendants wore 2o years ago!)
Back then, we called it teal–today it is peacock blue/turquoise–anyway, I loved it paired with the bright green flowers! Yes, there are peacock feather accents featured in this event starting with the handles of the bridesmaids bouquets.

The brides bouquet featured white (albino) peacock feathers–she resourced them herself, so I do not know where they originated from, but I love her bridal bouquet–lush white peony, exquisite garden roses, scabiosa and ranunucla– gorgeous in all white–not to mention she is cute as a button!

We do not design many church pieces, so I was thrilled to design these arrangements– not only do they feature peacock feathers but they have a perfect touch of formality and flare for this Catholic sanctuary.
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Winter days!

This photo was taken on one of our coldest winter days here in Austin this past January–
although it was not terribly cold today–it snowed! Yes, snowed on February 23, 2010.
My last memory of snow was Valentines Day 2004–I had a wedding that built a snowman near their guestbook and believe it or not, the ceremony took place outdoors!
It was really beautiful today, we all commented on such a romantic day–did anyone get engaged today, it would have been a great day for an engagement!
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Winter 2010

I love the feel of winter weddings!
These images are from a recent wedding in January, the color palette – brown and blue, with a touch of pink.
The brides bouquet featured a little touch of pink, along with the petals on the entry table along with the ones down the aisle.

Smith family chapel- one of my favorite ceremony sites.

The images are from Christina Carroll photography.
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Eggplant: part 2

A few more images-
this is a great example of bridesmaids having flowers similar to the bride. I am asked all the time – should bride and bridesmaids be the same or different. I always have a few things I take into consideration, but ultimately it is the bride’s decision–some brides have a vision of all white including the flowers, sometimes it includes a pop of color.

The ceremony– one of our favorite spots- the gazebo at Vintage Villas.

Comple with wedding cake–I thought this was a very unusual pattern– with all the pattern on the cake, the flowers were just a final complement.
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Eggplant— can be a color!

Sometimes in my consultations, I will take pause and think, if someone were listening in, they might think we were cooking not designing flowers–there’s eggplant splashed with pumpkin.
This bouquet was created this past fall–the inspiration was from the eggplant miniature calla lilies-we decided to add in the fall colors of orange, terracotta and finished with the green.

The groom’s bouttoniere–a small combination to complement the bride’s bouquet.

A sisal cone filled with seasonal flowers perched on the ceremony chairs.
Thanks to Danielcphotography for these images.
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Here comes spring!

I’m not sure about everyone else but we are getting ready for spring!
I know the calendar still says winter, but we are looking towards another busy wedding season!
We have alot of great weddings on the horizon– can’t wait to get started.
Just a reminder, if you are wanting to set up a consultation we only have a few ( and I mean a very few) weekend times available.
During the wedding season we reserve most Fridays and Saturdays to the work at hand (when it is your wedding weekend you will appreciate the gesture.)
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Let’s go green ( at Lakeway Resort and Spa)

The centerpieces were a combination of tall and low centerpieces–all in green, the tables were draped in black and the chairs were accented with purple sashes.

The escort card table, gorgeous hanging candles, orchids with a few green flowers and lots of floating candles for the finish.

Oh yeah, the napkins were purple also– this is a very modern approach to the napkins–laying gracefully on the table, instead of a fold.

And the cake– an architectural presentation of the purple and ivory –once again finished with the green flowers.
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