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Our version of sunshine….

A few weeks ago, we headed out to Vintage Villas for a Sunday afternoon open house and yes, it was hot!
These adorable pomanders graced the aisle chairs..

these crystal curtains hung from the gazebo, accented with mercury glass and a few randomly placed daisies.

Adds a touch of elegance to this outdoor lake venue–I can see these at so many places…

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Oh, fall wedding flowers….

As we patiently wait the fall season, after our brutally hot summer, I thought I would share some favorites from last fall.
A bridal bouquet filled with seasonal fall flowers–dahlias, scabiosa, lisianthus, miniature calla liles, protea just to name a few.

Bridesmaids had very similar bouquets, smaller and with less purple…

And ceremony decor to finish the look—
thanks to Vanessa for the images.

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Looking back on a wedding from fall 2010….a destination wedding that took place in Horseshoe Bay.
A few requests from the bride and groom–lots of orange ( Longhorn pride), a multicultural ceremony (Vietnamese+Christian),
succulents (their favorites) and simple.
The brides bouquet–delivered at 8am for the Vietnamese tea ceremony and still looking gorgeous for the evening ceremony and reception.

Possibly, one of my favorite centerpieces of all time–a combination of pillar candles, succulents and cactus–simple, elegant with a hint of organic.

Bride and bridesmaids.
Thanks to Hooked On photography for these images.

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