Summer chuppah–Four Seasons

I just received these images a few weeks ago from a wedding we designed last summer–
we are always happy for an indoor event in the brutal Texas heat.
I loved the soft pastel colors of this event accented with a touch of dark chocolate brown.

Cori and Daniel–
A small world, 12ish or more years ago Daniel was one of our first employees at our pizza place, his sister became an acquaintance from the wedding industry and literally by chance Cori contacted us about wedding flowers.
Who knew?
The entire “stage” and stairs were covered for a very clean, simple ceremony area.


One of the benefits of “flipping” a ceremony space into a reception space–the centerpieces can double duty as aisle decor.
This is one of the times that repurposing arrangements can work– remember there is additional labor involved in this transition but it certainly can be worth it.
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