Murphy Monday

It’s All About Me


A lot of humans ask me what it’s like to be a shop dog. Well, actually they ask me “Who’s the best dog ever? Who’s so cute? Who’s a good boy?” But, obviously that answer is ME and I’m sure they’re really more interested in finding out more about what makes me tick as a modern day executive labrador retriever. The truth is that I didn’t choose flowers but they chose me. Actually my owners chose me and they already had a flower shop, so it was kind of part of the package. I love it though. And I think it really loves me. I’m sure a lot of humans come to Bouquets of Austin because my owners and their team make beautiful wedding flowers. But I also really think a lot of them come because of me too. I’m the official greeter and everyone is always really happy to see me. Some of them even come back just to see me.

When we don’t have visitors, I hang out with the humans who work at Bouquets of Austin. They’re all really nice but they don’t give me their food when it is so obvious that I am starving. And also that I deserve the Jimmy John’s Italian Night Club Unwich. Other than that, they’re pretty awesome. My owners, Stephanie and Looch bring me with them to work and I have two beds. One in the front office and one in the back shop where all the flowers are. I like both but when it’s really cold, I like to be in the front because Dara at the front desk puts the space heater on for me and then moves my bed really close to it so I’m toasty warm.

Becky is allergic to me so sometimes I like to get really close to her on purpose. It makes me laugh. I mean, come on, who could be allergic to ME???

So most of the time, when I’m not greeting humans when they come to the shop for an appointment or sleeping (or playing with my cousin Whiskey when he comes to visit), I stay in the back and watch all the flowers turn into really pretty arrangements or bouquets or boutonnieres. Sometimes they even make flowers for dogs like me – so pups can walk their owners down the aisle, or carry a ring in style. It’s pretty cool.

Me & Whiskey

Now that it’s January, there will be a lot of humans coming in for appointments to talk about their weddings so I’m going to be pretty busy with greetings. But I’m going to try to give you an update every week so you know what’s happening. After all, I pretty much see it all. So check back with me and, if you want to come in for some doggie love, come on by! I’m always happy to see you!!