Trending in 2013

What’s New in the Year Ahead

Those of us who are in the wedding industry love what we do. We thrive on the energy of designing gorgeous events and we plug into the personality of the couple, allowing their vision and happiness to drive our creative process. And it is very much a creative process in our shop; one that is both very personal and individual to the designer and collaborative, as we enjoy working as a team and bouncing ideas off of each other to create the richest design possible.
Our design begins by meeting with our couples – all of whom bring to the table their vision of their wedding and all the pieces and parts that entails. Of course, what we have seen year after year is that these ideas are heavily influenced by the trends of that particular time. Each year, fashion changes – whether it’s incrementally or dramatically – and overall design, including wedding floral design, follows suit. So it’s no surprise that what most of us see on the red carpet is seamlessly absorbed into wedding trends.
This is exciting for us as wedding floral designers because we can anticipate what is to come; we are in the unique position of being able to watch the evolution of wedding trends in real time. It’s energizing to us to be able to incorporate these trends into designs that are still unique and individual so that our couples have flowers that are both on trend and in line with their personalities. Throughout the year, we will blog about the trends that we see developing month to month. So far, here is one of our favorite trends showing up 2013:
Black & White, 1920s Old Hollywood
Nothing says glamour like old Hollywood with its simple elegance and sophistication and we are definitely seeing a return to 1920s Hollywood glamour. That’s great news because this design can easily extend to many different locations, giving couples the ability to customize this look to a venue they love.
Vera Wang’s 2013 collection is full of black details – a nod to the current trend that we will continue to see on red carpets and, ultimately, incorporated into wedding designs.  In terms of weddings, this means sophisticated black dresses, linens, and chair covers. 
And for us, this means lots of gorgeous white flowers with simple black details. What’s great about black and white is that we can easily add a pop of color or accent it with any of the fantastic metallics that are currently available.
Ultimately, trends offer a palette on which couples can – and should – paint their individual expression of their perfect wedding. If you stay true to what you love, what makes you happy, and what best illuminates your personal style, you can’t go wrong in creating a beautiful day you’ll always remember. We’re here to help!