Murphy Mondays: Glossary of My Noises

I love writing this blog for y’all every week. I have a lot of important information to share but, as you may have noticed, I’m not so good with words. Just be sure you remember that, just because we dogs don’t have the power of speech, doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot to say. If you perk up your ears and listen just a little closer than you probably have been up until now, you’ll find that your dog friends are telling you everything you need to know about them. Now, because I’m a dog on an executive level, I have a little bit more to say than the average dog. I am able to see a lot more than regular dogs get to see because I work at Bouquets of Austin. For instance, I get to meet lots of humans who are planning their weddings and see firsthand what kind of flowers they choose for their big day. It’s very exciting to be able to be in that position but it would be even better if you people could hear me. There’s so much assistance I can offer – like what kind of flowers would look best. If they would only listen to me, I would tell them that peonies would look better than roses for their bouquet and, why oh why did they go with that color? What are they thinking?

I know you can’t hear me but, I promise, if you are just the littlest bit patient and pay just the slightest bit more attention, you can and you will understand me. Now I’m a busy shop dog but I felt that it was important for me to take just a little time out of my schedule and put together something that I think will help my people – and the visitors to Bouquets of Austin – quite a lot. So here’s my glossary of noises so that you can brush up on the most important things about me. Take your time…study them…and soon you will have the keys to getting to know me better!

Harrumph….This is the noise I make most often when I lay down. Let’s not mince words…there’s a lot of me. You think it’s easy to take myself from standing to a prone position at a moment’s notice? So the noise you hear accompany this motion is well-justified. It can also very easily mean that I don’t want to lay down but you’re making me. And while, I’ll do it, I’ll also make sure you know how I feel about it.

Whine….I do this a lot and it’s meant to show my displeasure at my circumstances and general lack of attention you’re giving me. You need to look around and let the environment dictate what I’m currently unhappy about. Am I sitting on the cold floor and whining? I need my bed brought to me immediately. Am I behind a closed door? I need to be where you are (and where you are is where the food is). Am I staring at you intently? I need food and water. And also food.

Nose sigh….A big gust of wind coming from my nose signals that I am feeling left out. You’ve kept me out of the consultation room, you’ve not let me pet the visitors enough, and I’m underfoot in the design room. I have been ousted and I am bored. Feel bad for me.

Underground turkey noise….This is important so listen up. When I am resting, I need warmth and I need quiet. This disgruntled noise is telling you to STOP TALKING. You are disturbing me and, most especially, I am not a part of the conversation.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know some of my noises. I can assure you that these are not all of them but this is a very good start. Keep your ears open (like we do) and you’ll do just fine. Maybe you’ll even get a treat if you’re really good! Have a good week!