Murphy Mondays: Open Letter Regarding My Bed

Dear Humans,

This is an open appeal to all people in my general area. You may know me – having met me at Bouquets of Austin. Or you may not have met me face-to-fur but you’ve gotten to know me a little through my blog. Either way – whoever you are – this letter is for you. I’ve had no luck getting the proper attention from my in-home partners so I am putting out the word to any humans who may be able to help me rectify this gross injustice. And to what does this very serious issue pertain? Quite simply, it’s about my bed. My bed which, at this moment, is leaving much to be desired.

Let me be blunt. I am not a petite flower. I am a full-figured dog who needs bed support. Not just any bed is going to hold up for the likes of me. I like it big, I like it supportive, and I like it fluffy. Currently, I am most unhappy with my bed’s lack of fluffiness.

And so, as I am known to do in all situations that don’t please me, I made my discontentment clear (at least it was clear to anyone who was listening hard enough)!

I turned this way.

I turned that way.

 I harrumphed.

I whined as audibly as possible.

And when that didn’t work, I took things into my own paws and scrunched the bed up beneath me so that it was as fluffy as it was going to get which still wasn’t nearly fluffy enough.

You would think SOME people could take a hint. But obviously I need to be a bit more aggressive in my tactics. So here it is. I need a fluffier bed. Can someone please pass that along to my people?

I am an executive dog with a lot on my professional plate. I have people to greet, flowers to guard, and overall merriment to spread. I need my rest and a proper fluffy bed is necessary for the best rest that I can get.

Until the word is spread and my (very minor) demands are met, I will continue to voice my unhappiness as loudly as I can muster. I never shy away from a challenge. Bring on the fluffy bed and peace will settle in our lives once again. So while I’m struggling with my situation, I wish you…a great week!