Pieces, Parts & Priorities

Those of us in the wedding business are in the business of details. No matter what part we play in helping a bride and groom realize their wedding day dream – in the end – we take a certain amount of responsibility in helping to manage the details and pull it all together so that things go off without a hitch. The end result is a seamless wedding day; one in which the guests – and even the bride and groom themselves – are unaware of how much truly went on behind the scenes. It’s all any of us – as wedding vendors – want at the end of the day.

As wedding florists, we are entrusted by our couples to manage the details that go into creating the most beautiful floral design – and to work in tandem with other vendors to make sure that our part complements and supports the overall theme and tone of the wedding itself. And when it comes to floral design, there is more to it than just the flowers.

We’re talking vases, cylinders, mason jars, bubble bowls, arches, crosses, chuppahs, pedestals, urns, candles, and the endless variety of pieces and parts that go into pulling together the overall floral design; the details that can’t be overlooked.

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After all, these pieces and parts really speak to the personality of the wedding – the ghost candelabras for a sleek contemporary feel, hanging mason jars for rustic elegance, milkglass for vintage chic – and the list goes on and on.
What we’ve come to find over the years of working with many brides and grooms – with all manner of budget – is that these details are often their first focus when it comes to saving money. We’re often asked by couples if they can supply their own vases, candles, jars, and more. The short answer is always, yes. We always welcome couples providing us with their own pieces and parts – especially if they wish to use something that is particularly special to them or something specific that we don’t currently have in our stock. We only ask that our brides and grooms bring these pieces to us – completely clean and ready to be used – the week before the wedding so that we can design accordingly.

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The long answer is that – while we’re happy to do this – it doesn’t save couples any significant amount of money; maybe a couple of dollars per table at best. The truth is that once these pieces are in our stock, they are ours to rent. We don’t choose to ask for extraordinary rental fees. The money spent with us is largely based on the flowers themselves, our design capabilities and labor, and our delivery and setup.

Additionally, many brides and grooms find that while they may, at first, want to provide these pieces and parts, when it comes down to the final days before their wedding, they would have been happier to let us manage those details. After all, enjoying your day – from start to finish – should be the priority of all couples.

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Our priority as a wedding florist is to help couples achieve their wedding dreams within their budget and to manage the details for them so that they can relax and enjoy their day!