Murphy Mondays: Including Man’s Best Friend in Your Wedding

We get a lot of visitors to Bouquets of Austin every week and I love being able to greet them with a friendly tail wag. It’s always nice to see people who appreciate the presence of an executive dog in a creative environment such as our shop. But what I really, really love is meeting the humans who love their own dogs so much that they just can’t imagine not having them in their weddings. That’s the most fun because, as you may or may not know, we dogs love a fancy event and the only thing we love more is being a part of it. It flat out stinks to be left behind when there’s something exciting going on in the lives of our humans and so we’re always happy to be included. Of course, there are some very important things to remember when planning for your dog friends to be a part of your wedding celebrations. Whether you want them as a flower dog, a ring bearer or just a companion down the aisle or at the altar, you’ll want to keep these important tips in mind:

 Be mindful of the type of dog that we are and how much we can really handle. I’m a social dog which means that I love any and all social situations and I’m not easily overwhelmed by crowds. But not every dog is like me. Some dogs are anxious in crowds, loud noises are too much for them, or children freak them out. Whatever the case with your particular dog, make sure that you respect their comfort level and plan accordingly. You can always have your dog sitting in the audience if you want him/her in attendance but off the aisle if the number of people staring at him will cause a meltdown. Remember, this day is about you and while you certainly want to make sure your dog is acknowledged, you don’t want him to overshadow you with canine chaos.

Behavior counts. Some dogs are well-trained and will happily listen to their owners or handlers. I, for one, mostly listen but then I’ll just as easily go off and do my own thing when no one is looking. Only well-behaved dogs should be allowed at a wedding. Or at least those dogs that can be easily controlled under these circumstances.

Get a dog handler. Someone should be completely and totally responsible for your dog/s during your wedding and it should not be you. Find someone who you totally trust to be entirely in charge of your dog that day. That means making sure your dog has food and water throughout the day and is taken for potty breaks (you SO don’t want a poop incident on your aisle). That same person should escort your canine pal down the aisle and wherever else he/she needs to be throughout the wedding activities.

Make sure your dog wears something special for the occasion. Wedding flowers are the perfect accompaniment for your special dog. Luckily, my people are pros at putting together something for those furry friends who are included in our weddings. Just think how great we’ll look in your wedding photos!

If you want to include your dog in your wedding, you should! Trust me, we’ll love to be with you and share in that special day. Just be sure to follow my tips and the day will have our paw prints all over it!

Have a great week!