Murphy Mondays: Musings & Messes

It’s wedding season people. That means that there are tons of flowers in the shop, happy brides jumping up and down on one foot, dropping off mason jars and heirloom lace for bouquet handles and candles and who-knows-what-else and stressing out in general. My humans are super excited because they love wedding season. This IS, after all, what they do for a living so, yeah, I get it. They love the flowers and the designing of the arrangements, and seeing their brides with their bouquets and the grooms with their boutonnieres. They love the running around and the fun and the energy that goes hand in hand with this time of year. I’m happy for them. Really I am. But wedding season means something very different for me. Mainly that there is less time in the day to pay attention to me and attention, ladies and gentlemen, is what I need the most (next to treats and other food related products). Since this space is supposed to be for me to vent my canine thoughts, today I would like to share with everyone my top five reasons why wedding season stinks like wet dog.

1. There’s a lot of stuff in the shop right now. Lots of flowers, lots of knick-knacks, lots of pieces and parts. This significantly decreases the square footage available for me and my bed. Thumbs down.

2. Like I said before, my people are busy. And busy means less attention paid to me and my many, many needs.

3. Because there are more weddings, there are less appointments; my people don’t have has much time to meet with brides and grooms. Less appointments means less people. Less people means less petting and attention for me (refer back to #2).

4. Normally wedding season means that the back door of the shop is open quite a bit because we do some painting and building and need the fresh air. In the past, I could easily sneak out during these times. But now that I’ve been caught sneaking over to the nearby vet’s office for some treats, they have me on lockdown. Now wedding season means that the door is open but everyone is keeping a close eye on me. No more vet for me.

5. Wedding deliveries sometimes means that I have to stay at the shop (why no one has figured out that I would be VERY helpful on deliveries, I’ll never know). I hate being left behind. Which is why, when I was recently left alone, I very clearly demonstrated my displeasure by emptying Dara’s trashcan in the way that I saw most fitting.


I am annoyed people. Hear me roar.

Yes, it’s a beautiful time of year in Austin. Yes, weddings are wonderful and romantic and blah, blah, blah. Just don’t forget us canine companions back home, holding down the fort. Okay?

Have a great week!