Murphy Mondays: Good Behavior Gets You Treats

Hi humans! Today I’m on my soapbox (or whatever the dog equivalent of a soapbox is). I want to talk about good behavior. For me, it’s pretty easy. Well, it’s not easy to follow but it is pretty simple to understand. I can’t go in the consultation room because I’m not supposed to interrupt the appointments and also because some people are allergic to dogs. I’m not supposed to leave the shop without permission. I’m not supposed to eat things out of Dara’s trashcan. And I’m not supposed to eat the flowers (bummer). When I’m well-behaved – which is, let’s face it, most of the time – I expect treats. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Do you?

Me. Without treats. Just sayin’.

¬†For you humans, the expectations for good behavior are a lot different. And for my humans, in particular, the good behavior they need from the brides and grooms that they meet with is pretty specific. I’ve been around long enough to know what counts for good behavior in a meeting…and here it is!

1. Share the details of your flower budget. My people don’t need to know how much your overall wedding will cost. But they DO need to know how much your wedding flower budget is; so don’t keep it to yourself. If you have a number in mind then, by all means, share it please! It only helps my people to help YOU.

2. Understand that sometimes a price is what it is. My humans will always do their best to give you the best that they can within your budget. But you wouldn’t believe how many people are offended because they can’t get everything they want for the money they have to spend. Flowers cost what they cost – and the time of year affects that a lot. Everyone here will do their best to make your wedding dreams come true but sometimes a compromise is in order.

3. A crowd is fine but too many chefs in the kitchen…not so much. My people love meeting with brides and grooms and their families. The more the merrier they always say! Sometimes couples bring everyone from their parents to their wedding parties to their meetings. That’s totally cool with us; as long as we don’t have to face the dreaded “decision by committee.” If every single person in the room has to weigh in on each and every flower, then it’s going to be a loooooong meeting and probably a frustrating one for the bride and groom. Bring your peeps! But give them limited veto power!

These are just a couple of my good behavior tips for you humans. Make sure you follow them and maybe you’ll get a treat. And, if you do, maybe you could share??

Have a good week!