Let There Be Color!

Weddings have certainly changed dramatically throughout the decades, as have brides themselves. A 1950s bride may bear no resemblance to the modern bride of today. And yet – despite it all – they certainly share the desire to create a day that completely reflects their personality; what they love the most. In short, every bride wants their wedding day to be all about them.

As wedding florists, we love this simple truth because it allows us to creatively paint a picture of every bride and groom. Cookie cutter isn’t our thing; it’s always interesting to see what couples bring to the table and it’s our job to help them express their personalities through the design of their wedding flowers.

Of course, when people think of weddings, they usually think white. Certainly white flowers are the quintessential wedding flowers. But over the years, we’ve also loved to see the dramatic use of color. Whether it’s a color theme that is carried throughout the wedding or just a pop of color used here and there, there’s much to said for the use of color in a wedding.

For brides wanting to make a little more of a statement with their bridal bouquet than the traditional white, the color possibilities are endless – maybe just a combo of colorful seasonal flowers and a variety of elements.
With this wedding, the bridesmaids wore chocolate brown and carried a smaller version of this vibrant bridal bouquet.

For a more modern look, use a single type of flower. In this case,  the bride carried a collection of these gorgeous gloriosa lilies. Her bridesmaids wore black and carried white cymbidium orchids with raspberry throats.

This bride loved variegated flowers and especially these gorgeous striped amaryllis. And for an extra special touch, we added some bling to her wrap. Her bridesmaids wore red and carried all white bouquets with pops of red.

There’s so much that you can do with color. Don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your wedding flowers!