Color? White? Or Something in Between?

Our consultation process is just that – a process. We ask questions of our brides and grooms – getting to understand their style so that we can best realize their wedding flower vision. In turn, they ask questions of us. Part of our job is to help our couples understand the nuances of flowers – and how they can best be used to help create a spectacular wedding design.

One of the most frequently asked questions of our design staff?

Should my bridal bouquet be all white or should I include color?

This is a tough one because, quite simply – in the end – it is the personal choice of the bride. But do we have a preference? Yes – sometimes we do.

┬áThere’s nothing more classic and “bridal” than an all white bouquet. But no matter what, the bridal bouquet should always be a complement to the wedding dress. Brides can either look at the bouquet as another accessory or….they can look at the flowers as something to be showcased – the spotlight of the wedding “outfit.”

If you choose an all white bouquet, you can always make it interesting by adding a few varieties of flowers in whites or perhaps a few berries or an accent – even a colored ribbon to make a statement.

One of the biggest trends right now is the blush bridal bouquet – and boy are there a lot of ways to achieve blush! Generally speaking, “blush” refers to a combination of flowers in soft pink, peach, and champagne.

If, in the end, you decide you don’t want to add a color to your bridal bouquet, you can always complement a white bouquet with foliages and natural green flowers. Once again, it all comes down to your vision – a beautiful classic bride with all white or a soft romantic vision with a blush or pastel bouquet and allowing Mother Nature to add the right hint of green. No matter what you picture, we’ll help you bring that vision to life!