Murphy Mondays: Sharing the Love

As an Executive Labrador Retriever, I am called upon to manage many tasks at Bouquets of Austin. Of course, one of my most important roles is to protect the shop; I am, after all, a large dog and so I suspect my humans look to me for a certain level of protection. As I am more likely to lick someone to death than to pose any sort of canine threat, I really only act as “protector” in name only; but I keep that to myself. If, however, you need some food protected, I’m your dog.

As we’ve also discussed before, my role also includes greeter. That’s my favorite part because I get to meet new people and show them what a great guy I am. I call this sharing the love; and when you work in a wedding flower shop, sharing the love is what it’s all about. The people who come to meet us are happy and in love; they are there to plan the biggest day of their life and we’re all happy to be a part of it! But sometimes even the happiest of occasions can cause strife between families and we see even the smallest piece of that in the consultation room at Bouquets of Austin. As an easygoing dog, I like to keep the peace; so here is my easy-to-follow tips on spreading the love when it comes to your flower meeting with us:

*Be respectful. It seems like a simple thing but boy can this get out of hand sometimes. I may really run Bouquets of Austin, but I still have to respect my humans and they are always respectful of me. So we like to make sure that everyone who comes to a meeting with us is respectful of each other. A lot of times brides and grooms bring along several members of their family to their meetings. That’s always fun because it is, after all, a happy celebration. But fighting in that meeting…not so happy. Keep it loving and respectful.

*On that note, spread the love by keeping the bride and groom as the focus of the meeting. It is their wedding and, therefore, it should be their voices that are heard when it comes to the wedding flowers. Yes, everyone involved in the meeting will certainly have their opinions, but during the meeting may not be the best time to express those opinions if it causes conflict or derails the purpose of the meeting.

*Be open. The role of my humans at Bouquets of Austin is to make sure that our couples get gorgeous flowers on their wedding day. They are really good at what they do. So they always appreciate when couples – and their families – allow them to make suggestions based on their experience. When you’re open to ideas, you may be pleasantly surprised by something you may not have thought of when it comes to your wedding flowers.

*Finally, spread the love by spreading the food. Please don’t forget your host at Bouquets of Austin – ME. Gratuities are appreciated and I’ll take whatever you’ve got (although bones are best).

Have a great week!