Murphy Mondays: Quality Control at Your Service!

Hey there people – long time, no talk! Sorry I’ve been quiet for awhile but boy have I been busy! First of all, I’ve still been swimming every Thursday and I am pooped! Second, it’s summer and I have lots of things to do around the shop and at home. Let’s face it, my work is never done. Recently, I added a new job to my list of many, many responsibilities. I think it’s a good one and for sure something that will help me a lot at Bouquets of Austin. What’s the job? Quality Control Specialist!

My humans at Bouquets of Austin definitely know a LOT about quality control. After all, they make sure that all the wedding flowers that leave our shop are perfect for our brides and grooms. So I’ve gotten to see real quality control at work every day. But I can’t say that I’ve had to worry too much about it in my job at the shop. I’m mostly responsible for greeting clients and, of course, picking up any loose food crumbs if they find their way to the floor.

But recently, my cousin Jennifer took me to PetSmart. You know PetSmart, right? It’s a store just for us pets. Anyway, I don’t know if you know this or not but they have an entire aisle for treats. AN ENTIRE AISLE!! FOR TREATS!! I didn’t know which way to turn first. But I did my duty as the executive Labrador that I am and I did my best to INSPECT each of the treats. QUALITY CONTROL PEOPLE!!! Consider it an internship. And I rocked it hard.

Here are the things that I learned in my time as a Quality Control Specialist:

1. There are WAY more treats than I ever knew existed. Apparently, my people have been holding out on me. I’ll have to address that.

2. Not every treat is the same as the other. There are many varieties of treats – just like flowers – and some are awesome and some not so awesome (I would never say “bad” because NO treat could ever be bad).

3. I realize how important quality control is now. My people sure do have their work cut out for them and now I know they are even more awesome than I thought because they really do care that all the flowers that come out of Bouquets of Austin are just perfect.

Now I also know that I can be much more helpful around the shop. Now that I can sniff out the good stuff I can certainly help with sniffing around the flowers. Maybe there will even be some more treats in it for me. It’s the least I deserve, right??

Have a good week!