Wedding Faves: Oh Juliette!

At Bouquets of Austin, we sure do love our pretty pictures. This is one of our favorites – a beautiful moment captured against a sweeping background. The lawn at the Mansion at Judges’ hill is always a stunning backdrop for some equally spectacular wedding photos.

I absolutely loved this monochromatic color palette of cream and peach – featuring another one of the up and coming favorite garden roses, Juliette. Thanks to the grower, David Austin, garden roses are rapidly rising in popularity and – thankfully – availability!

What’s wrong with this picture? ┬áThe bride provided these candles and the planner (from out of town) displayed these on the table without glass covers – not a good idea. This was a Spring wedding a few years ago before our recent string of fires. However, whether there’s a burn ban or not, it is never a good idea to put candles on tables without covers. In this case, the linens were all but ruined from the running wax. The flowers looked awesome but these candles make me grimace every time I see this photo! Moral of the story? Cover those candles!