Murphy Mondays: A Portrait of a Pretty Bouquet

I love having my picture taken – it’s one of my favorite things. Personally, I don’t think I take a bad picture, whether I’m sunbathing or on the move, and believe me, there are plenty of people who agree. But I understand that for most dogs – and people – having a picture taken is something to plan and take seriously. Especially brides!

The wedding is one thing…of COURSE there are going to be a lot of pictures taken at the wedding. But for many brides, the pictures don’t start there – they start with their bridal portrait; a whole day set aside when they go to their photographer and have their picture taken in their dress. On the wedding day, there are lots of pictures of the couple and their family and friends, as well as pictures of the space, the flowers, the food, and more. But the bridal portrait is just about the bride. For most brides, bridal portraits are pretty important. They are wearing their dress and they have their hair and makeup done; so, of course, they need some wedding flowers.

This is where my people come in! At Bouquets of Austin, we offer the option for our brides to a get a bridal portrait bouquet and there are a couple of ways to go.

*A bride can have a full replica of her wedding day bouquet made for her bridal portraits. Hey, it’s your day – you get to have whatever you want, right?!

*Another option is to choose our bridal portrait bouquet that is a little smaller than a traditional bridal bouquet – about the size of a bridesmaids bouquet – and includes all roses in the color of the bride’s choice. This is often the option that brides choose. For one, a bridal portrait bouquet is a nice, affordable price. And, second, the bridal portraits are all about the bride and the dress. You just want some beautiful flowers to complement your overall look.

If you’re ready to schedule your bridal portrait, make sure you talk to my people at Bouquets of Austin for your bridal portrait bouquet and get ready for an amazing day!

Have a great week!