Murphy Mondays: A Little Inspiration

One of the coolest things about meeting with so many brides and grooms is getting to hear some truly interesting ideas. This is the part that really gets my people inspired; and inspiration is what it’s all about when it comes to planning a spectacular wedding. Amazing weddings are made of amazing details and we love talking about the details!

When my people set up an appointment, they always tell their brides and grooms to bring whatever inspiration they have to share – pictures, fabric, links to their Pinterest page, and more. But what other options are out there from which to draw inspiration?

I don’t know much about wedding flowers – that’s for my people to know – but I’ve gotten to know quite a lot about planning a wedding from walking around the consultation room. Here are some of the things that brides and grooms can look to for inspiration in planning their most perfect wedding day:

*Wedding Blogs. The Internet has afforded the wedding industry the ability to see real weddings in real time. There are some highly relevant and respectable wedding blogs that allow brides and grooms to see the creative ideas that other couples have had in making their weddings unique and full of personality.

*Wedding Magazine Sites. Wedding magazines have always been the tools of the trade for every bride planning her big day. Of course, the traditional magazine – while still relevant – has very much taken a backseat to these publications’ online counterparts. This gives brides a mobile option for staying connected to the latest trends and planning ideas.


*Wedding Photography Sites. While you’re looking through all those websites to find the perfect wedding photographer, why not take a closer look at the images they’ve captured? There’s a wealth of inspiration in the photos from these weddings – get looking and get inspired!

*Ask the Dog. Well, you know I had to add that in there. We do have a lot of opinions you know. It may be nice if, just once and a while, people asked us what we thought. Just throwing that out there.

There’s so much out there to inspire us. Take a look all around you for the pieces and parts that will make your day something truly memorable!

Have a great week!