Texas Wildflower inspired backyard wedding during quarantine 2020

Quarantine 2020- at home wedding!

Since our early beginnings, more than 24 years ago we have always welcomed weddings of all sizes.  We have had the opportunity to design large luxury weddings, weddings in hotels, weddings in barns, weddings at churches, weddings at the most amazing venues. Then on March 14, 2020, we were all sent home to help #flattenthecurve for the COVID-19 virus that was wreaking havoc around our country.  As we began to face the realities of our spring wedding season,  we went into crisis mode, rearranging dates, calming clients, and managing our team, which is our family.  Once the original round of dust settled we took a long look at our calendar and lo, and behold we began to hear from a few of our brides that they would carry on, get married and have a celebration, even if it was a #partyoftwo with 2 very special guests!

When weddings are planned, dates are specifically selected.  To Erin and John, this April date had a significant meaning. So, as the date approached, they decided to cancel all the guests, but go forward with the wedding ceremony.  The plans included a virtual officiant, a photographer, and a live stream that would stream the festivities on YouTube.

Front porch, first look!

The Ceremony.

Erin has a great love for flowers, and we are happy that we were able to fulfill the floral dreams she had for her wedding.  The wedding and reception had always been planned for their residence. The same residence that they were celebrating their first year of ownership in.

It was a gorgeous April day.  They had made all of the necessary precautions for us to arrive and design on the property. If you are wondering, floral is considered an essential business and was allowed to carry on operations.  We mostly stayed home but did a few limited requests, like this one.

Bouquet toss.

They moved to the backyard for a perfect party of two-plus Strider and Chili – their pups.  But first the bouquet toss! A perfect catch!


The reception included an elegant farm table set with greenery,  succulents, and colorful wildflowers.  A toast and cake cutting followed- check out Chili and Strider’s special appearance on the cake!

Our sincere congratulations to Erin and John! They will forever be known as our quarantine couple- we were thrilled to design a gorgeous event for them to share with friends near and far!

The Vendors.

Simply Lace Photography

Simon Lee Bakery – cake

Randy Robinson Videography– Livestream