Dreamy Spring Wedding at Matties

A Dreamy Spring Wedding at Mattie’s, Austin, Texas: Where Soft Pastel Blooms Met Love


Springtime in Austin, Texas is nothing short of enchanting, and when love blossoms against the backdrop of soft pastel blooms, the result is pure magic and creates a dreamy spring wedding! One such fairytale wedding unfolded at the charming Mattie’s, a historic Austin venue known for its Southern charm and lush greenery. Join us as we dive into the story of a dreamy spring wedding where love, laughter, and soft pastel florals took center stage.

Mattie’s – The Perfect Setting

Nestled beneath the sprawling oak trees of Austin’s beloved Green Pastures, Mattie’s exudes old-world elegance and Southern hospitality. The historic property, once a private estate, has been lovingly restored. It is now a stunning event venue that captures the essence of Texas charm. Its lush gardens and historic farmhouse provided an idyllic canvas for our dreamy spring wedding!

Soft Pastel Blooms – Nature’s Romance

Spring weddings are synonymous with blooming flowers, and this celebration was no exception. Soft pastel blooms, such as delicate white  peonies, blush roses and pastel sweet peas, adorned every corner of the venue. From the lush floral arbor on the front porch to the bridal bouquet, the floral arrangements added an ethereal touch to the day.

In the world of weddings, traditions are continually evolving. And one trend that has taken the bridal scene by storm is the mismatched bridesmaid gowns. This stylish and contemporary choice adds a touch of individuality and flair to any wedding, and it was no exception at Emily and Daniel’s spring wedding at Mattie’s in Austin, Texas. Join us as we explore the charm and sophistication of mismatched bridesmaid gowns that made this celebration truly unique.

Soft Pastel Blooms and Puppy Love

Spring’s soft pastel blooms set the stage for romance, and they were  complemented by the couple’s furry friend, a darling  golden doodle. Bedecked with a collar of delicate blooms, he stole the show as he trotted down the aisle!

His presence added an extra layer of joy and love to the day.

Culinary Delights – Southern Flavors

Mattie’s is renowned not only for its ambiance but also for its delectable Southern cuisine. Guests were treated to a culinary journey that included dishes like pecan-crusted trout and shrimp and grits. The wedding cake, adorned with delicate pastel flowers, was the perfect sweet note to end the meal.


Bud Vases – Delicate Beauty

Complementing the candlelight were bud vases brimming with spring blooms. Each table featured a mix of pastel-hued flowers, such as blush peonies, sweet peas and other complementing blooms.  They were  arranged in bud vases of varying heights. These petite arrangements added a touch of delicacy and whimsy to the overall decor, harmonizing perfectly with the season.

A Springtime Love Story to Remember

In the heart of Austin, against a backdrop of soft pastel blooms and Southern charm,  this spring wedding at Mattie’s was a testament to the beauty of love and the magic that can happen when it blooms in the right season and setting. It was a day filled with laughter, tears, and unforgettable memories—a day that will forever be etched in their hearts.

As the night came to a close and the final notes of music faded away, one couldn’t help but believe that spring had a hand in crafting this enchanting love story at Mattie’s in Austin, Texas.



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