With us, you’ll find that no two events are the same. In fact, we thrive on finding ways to infuse a little uniqueness into each event we design.
But the ONE thing you can expect, with every one of our events, is a foolproof design process.

“BOA was so easy to work with in terms of planning, changing plans,
communication, providing feedback. They made the whole
process so easy and most importantly, enjoyable.”



We have been in the floral and events industry for a combined total of 50+ years. And over that time, we’ve crafted a process that allows you to enjoy your wedding day, and the days leading up to it, with as little stress as possible.

From the bouquets and ceremony arch to the boutonnieres and centerpiece, every piece we create is intended to shine on its own – while working together to create a cohesive and beautifully designed event. You’ll find that:

● What you see in your mind
● The caliber of designs you see in our images
● The details included in your proposal Are the same as what you’ll receive on your wedding day. And the reason for it being our in-house team of exceptional designers.

From the moment you become a BoA client, we’ll match you with one of our designers to begin creating your cohesive decor plan. This same designer will be onsite throughout set up on your wedding day to be sure things are prepared to perfection.

As residents of the Austin area, we’re well-versed in the top venues in and around town. And we’ve compiled a database of diagrams and details about each. These help us to guide you on what works best at your venue.

Armed with this information, we’re able to confidently tell you how many pew markers you may need. If your ceremony structure will hold up against a notoriously windy lawn. And what centerpieces to create to fill the space and size of tables appropriately.

We share this with you so you can trustingly walk into your wedding day knowing that what we’ve designed will look incredible. No matter the venue.


During my initial consultation they were extremely prepared and helped
give me suggestions on what would look good in my venue.”


Your time is valuable. Whether you have a question that needs an answer, need to confirm a change of plans, or need your proposal updated, we make it easy to
communicate what you need.

Our office administrator is in the office five days a week, ready and eager to connect with you. You’ll never have to wait long for a response. And you can get back to your
job: spending time with friends or family (or tackling other wedding tasks.)

Unlike other florists, we don’t require a minimum spend. We allow you to make changes up to 90-days before your wedding. And within 90-days, we are more than willing to redistribute monies or adapt and rework designs to best suit your needs.

At the end of the day, we are here for you. So whether we need to work within your budget to create a robust and beautifully designed wedding – or provide transparent feedback – our goal is to do what’s best for you and your wedding.


Click on the picture of each team member below to learn more about their role and responsibilities.

STEPHANIE Co-Owner & Designer see more
X STEPHANIE Co-Owner & Designer

Creative director, master organizer, idea generator, team motivator… These are just some of the many hats Stephanie wears. Along with the owner and founder of Bouquets of Austin.

Her love of flowers began in her mom’s flower shop and blossomed into a 30+ year career in the floral industry. And she has a diverse portfolio and several awards to prove it.

When Stephanie is not working, you can find her at home with her  husband, Paul, and dog, Oliver. They’ll be soaking up the sunshine poolside in their backyard.

PAUL Co-Owner & Business Manager see more
X PAUL Co-Owner & Business Manager

Like Stephanie, Paul takes on many roles at BoA.

Including, but not limited to,  accountant, HR, engineer, and  mechanic.

After starting his hospitality career at a young age working for his family’s restaurant, he brings an extensive  customer service background and skill set to the team.

As a 10-year avid fan of CrossFit , Paul can handle almost any installation. If you have something that requires  heavy lifting on your wedding day, he’s your guy.

Keeper of the Office see more
X Keeper of the Office
Becky Team Mom & Designer see more
X Becky Team Mom & Designer

Apart from Stephanie, Becky is our most tenured designer – joining our team back in 2008.

She works well with couples who are looking for an eclectic and fun aesthetic for their wedding day. She is a solid and dedicated team member – often putting on her “mom” hat to make sure the staff is well prepared and fueled on event days. And, as our in-house buyer, she cultivates and maintains excellent relationships with our wholesalers to get the most gorgeous and premium flowers for your event.

Becky believes that every meal should include dessert. And frequently indulges in dessert for breakfast.

Abby Proposal Expert & Designer see more
X Abby Proposal Expert & Designer

Abby is the perfect compliment to couples looking for one-of-a-kind ceremony arbors and brides dreaming of gorgeous bouquets.

Graduating with a degree in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture from Mississippi State, she brings vast knowledge and a sweet, Southern charm to the BoA team. And being a recent bride herself, along with a passion for white-glove service, she pours her heart and soul into serving our couples – helping you overcome any design pains you might face.

Her guilty pleasure is a daily double dose of Starbucks: Iced coffee in the morning, followed by a passion iced tea with Crystal light in the afternoon.

Chloe Designer/ Design Room organizer see more
X Chloe Designer/ Design Room organizer

Selecting all of the perfect containers and mechanics for all the designs runs through Chloe’s table.

Frequently putting all of the pieces together to keep the designers hustling and bustling!


Alyssia ( aka Aly) Designer see more
X Alyssia ( aka Aly) Designer
Willie Keeper of the Warehouse see more
X Willie Keeper of the Warehouse

aka Warehouse Manager

Willie is the calm in the chaos, offering his 25-years of wisdom, support, and empathy to the BoA team.

He oversees every single piece of inventory… He is responsible for ensuring every item gets on the truck on event day, from tea light candles to vases to wooden arbors. And like Paul, he does some heavy lifting (literally.)

With the most diverse music playlist of anyone we’ve ever known, he keeps our team moving and grooving and always in bright spirits.

Robyn Quality Assurance see more
X Robyn Quality Assurance

Designer of boutonnieres. Creator of corsages. Maker of flower girl crowns… Robyn makes sure all of the personal flowers on your wedding day are exactly as you envision. And she organizes, assembles, packages, and labels them all for delivery, so they arrive beautifully and safely to you.

She’s been a loyal and dependable part-time team member for 8-years. And when she is not working with us, she is homeschooling her 5 children.

Oliver Official Door Greeter see more
X Oliver Official Door Greeter

And mascot of Bouquets of Austin.